Do you think that to get great sushi you have to pay premium prices? We're firm believers that cost and quality don't have to go hand in hand. Our expert sushi chefs are crafting authentic and ultra-fresh sushi at affordable prices every day!
Our sushi is always made with care and the ingredients we use are always sourced from the best. That means we're always using the freshest fish we can find so you'll get the most delicious experience possible everytime you come in and dine with us. So come in and discover how great sushi can taste.

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Japanese Food

Japanese food is some of the best in the world. Their adherence to fresh ingredients, prepared with gentle technique to bring out their natural flavors makes their dishes unlike food from anywhere else in the world. We're bringing that same amazing Japanese food to you!
Our menu is full of Japanese food favorites. From sushi to rice bowls to ramen, there's plenty of delicious choices for you to choose from. Prepared by our expert chefs trained in traditional Japanese cooking techniques, you'll get excellent Japanese food every time that you come in and eat. We can't wait to serve you soon!

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Ramen here in America usually evokes memories of cheap eats in college and overly salty soups. Not in Japan. Ramen is given tons of love in Japanese cooking, transforming a simple bowl of noodles and soup into deep, complex flavors. We're bringing that Japanese approach to ramen stateside!
All of our ramens are made fresh. Our broths are slowly simmered to develop flavors over hours. The bowls are filled with fresh ramen noodles, not the hard packaged stuff. Then we place tender meat, salty seaweed, and savory toppings into the bowl. Lastly, we finish it off with that broth and you have perfection in a bowl!

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Carrie, Alexandria
Took my sister here for the first time, enjoyed great food and great service.
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